3 tips on how to build brand advocacy

Your brand will work if your customers connect with it. They will be your biggest fans and they will act as brand advocates. If your customers love your brand and what it stands for, they will rave about it. Brand advocacy will increase brand awareness and allow you to gain valuable feedback from current and…

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How word of mouth marketing can transform your hotel business


It may be as old as the spoken word itself, but word of mouth marketing (WOMM) has consistently proven to be an valuable marketing tool for any product or industry. Now, in the internet age, where everyone can voice their opinion to thousands in a matter of seconds, WOMM is more useful than ever. Why…

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The power of user generated content

Your customers are your best marketers! In today’s technologically advanced society, there is a new generation of potential consumers who are perpetually sharing videos, images and other types of multimedia content across their various social networking profiles. From creating blog posts that review and recommend their favourite video games to posting pictures of food from their…

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Using testimonials to generate solid website trust


Opinions count – real and genuine opinions from people who have experienced something and pass it on to others. It’s the magic ingredient behind the success of some of the world’s most successful websites (such as Amazon, TripAdvisor, Booking.com and many more), and the reason it works is it creates that essential element called trust.…

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